Welcome to Lily Blooms, where elegance meets passion in the timeless beauty of the red rose. Our curated collection is a celebration of romance, love, and the exquisite allure of these iconic blooms.

A Bouquet of Romance

At Lily Blooms, we understand the language of love, and nothing speaks it more fluently than the deep, rich hue of red roses. Explore our captivating range of red rose arrangements, where each petal is a testament to the timeless emotion and sentiments they convey. Whether it's a classic dozen red roses or an elaborate arrangement, Lily Blooms offers a variety of options to express your deepest feelings. Our meticulously crafted bouquets showcase the velvety red perfection of roses. Moreover, it creates a visual and aromatic experience that captures the essence of love. Indulge in the enchantment of red roses as Lily Blooms unveils the beauty of this symbol of passion. Perfect for anniversaries, declarations of love, or simply to brighten someone's day, our red rose arrangements are a heartfelt expression that transcends words.

The Allure of a Red Rose Bouquet

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow across the garden, the air was filled with the enchanting fragrance of a red rose bouquet. In the center of the lush greenery stood a table adorned with a magnificent bouquet of roses, their velvety petals in various shades of red creating a mesmerizing display. Each rose seemed to whisper tales of love and passion, their beauty accentuated by the gentle breeze that rustled the leaves. The rose bouquet, a symphony of colors and emotions, became a focal point, drawing admiration from all who beheld it. It was more than just a collection of flowers; it was a testament to the timeless expression of love that only a bouquet of roses could convey.

Lily Blooms - Where Love Blooms in Red

Elevate your gifting experience with Lily Blooms, where the timeless allure of red roses takes centre stage. Browse our collection and let the language of flowers convey your deepest emotions—Lily Blooms - Where love blooms in red.


What do Red Roses Mean?

Red roses are the ultimate symbol of love and passion, expressing deep emotions and romantic feelings. Perfect for occasions like anniversaries or Valentine's Day, they convey a powerful message of affection and desire.

How Long Do Red Roses Last?

The lifespan of red roses, averaging 7 to 10 days, depends on care and environmental conditions. To extend their freshness, place them in clean water, trim the stems, and keep them in a cool environment away from direct sunlight.

What Does a Red Rose Symbolize?

A red rose symbolizes love, romance, and deep affection. On the other hand, it is a timeless representation of passion, making it a classic choice for expressing strong emotional connections and commitment in relationships.

What Does Red Roses Symbolize?

Red roses symbolize intense emotions, serving as a universal and enduring expression of love, respect, and admiration. Gifting red roses is a beautiful way to convey heartfelt emotions in various significant moments of life.

Can you replant roses from a bouquet?

Yes, it is possible to attempt to replant roses from a bouquet. While the success rate can vary, you can try to propagate them by trimming the stems. Furthermore, removing submerged leaves, and placing them in water is also the best idea. Once roots develop, you can transfer them to the soil. However, not all cut roses will successfully grow into new plants.

How long do a bouquet of roses last?

The lifespan of a bouquet of roses depends on various factors such as the freshness of the flowers, the care they receive, and the specific type of roses. Generally, a well-maintained bouquet can last anywhere from 4 to 14 days. To prolong their freshness, it's recommended to change the water regularly, cut the stems at an angle, and keep the bouquet in a cool location.

How many roses in a bouquet?

The number of roses in a bouquet varies based on factors such as personal preferences, the occasion, and the florist's design. Common bouquets might include a dozen roses. However, the arrangements can range from just a few stems to several dozen, depending on the size and purpose of the bouquet. Back to the main category Flowers Or explore other kinds of flowers: SUNFLOWER NATIVE WHITE ROSES POSY PEACE LILY WHITE LILY GERBERA CARNATION

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